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With summer coming up and the weather getting hotter, it’s time to start straying away from those heavier ales and look for something light and refreshing. Here at Helm’s, we’ll be welcoming the season with three great beers, all featuring that great summer grain, wheat. Along with our Low Tide Blonde Ale, which we first released this past January, we will see the return of our seasonal O.G. Wheat and the debut of a hoppy pineapple Helles Bock done in collaboration with Border X Brewing.

Our summer seasonal, O.G. Wheat, is our take on the Northern German style called Gose (goes-uh). Traditionally, the Gose style is brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill consisting of malted wheat. Light bodied and pale in color, O.G. Wheat has almost no hop character but is spiced using crushed coriander seeds and sea salt. Historically, Goses have a sharp, salty flavor due to northern German Brewers using brackish water for their beers. Originally fermented spontaneously using wild yeast, the style has a distinctively tart, sour finish. That finish is recreated using a top fermenting yeast and an inoculation of lactobacillus bacteria. Sweet, salty and sour, the O.G. Wheat is a great summer beer packed with flavor and history.

For the O.G. Wheat, we worked at keeping the style as true to tradition as possible. However, for our second release, we decided to take another traditional German style and put a SoCal twist on it. Working in collaboration with Brewers from Border X Brewing, we brewed a Helles Bock, a light bodied, blonde lager. Contrary to the style though, which strays away from heavy hop usage, we used a large amount of California hops to add a citrusy bitterness and aroma to the beer. Cold fermented, the Helles Bock is then topped off with dry California hops and conditioned with pineapple to enhance the aroma and mild out the finish with a fruity sweetness. A very different take on a traditionally strict style, this beer is sure to appeal to the tastes of Southern California.

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