Helm’s Brew Master Blog – Low Tide Blonde

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Welcome to our March Brew Master Blog!  This is the second installment so we hope you enjoy and leave us your comments!

This month we’ll be discussing our NEW seasonal, Low Tide Blonde. As you can probably infer from the name, the Low Tide is an American style Blonde Ale. Often times called a Golden Ale, the Blonde Ale style originated in North America as a full flavored alternative to American lagers. Our Blonde is dry, light bodied and crisp, accompanied with a generally low alcohol content.  We use an even mix of West Coast and Noble hops to add a mild bitterness to the style that helps bring out the fruity, honey-like qualities of the malt.  Helm’s Blonde ale is a great option for a sessional beer!

We also have man new styles arriving that will only be available for members of our Helmsman Club. For those that don’t know, the Helmsman Club allows members, among other benefits, a chance to try new beers as they come out of our pilot system. Each week we brew a brand new style on our 10 gallon system. This gives us a chance to experiment with different recipes and potentially find new seasonal releases. In the next couple weeks, Helmsman members can look forward to a Saison ale brewed with Old Bay seasoning and an Irish style Barleywine.

What is your favorite Blonde Ale?  Do you have a special recipe you would like to see brewed on a large system?  Leave us your comments and let us know!

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